5 Benefits of Gardening for Preschoolers

Gardening may seem like a hobby for adults, not preschoolers, but in actuality there are many great benefits to introducing young children to gardening.

Benefits of Gardening with preschoolers

1.      They will learn where their food comes from. Young kids will be fascinated when pulling food from the ground. Almost immediately they will begin to see the similarities between the food in the garden and the produce in the grocery store.

2.      They will learn patience.  Understanding that it takes time from when the put the seeds in the ground to when the food grows. Watching and waiting will teach valuable lessons in being patient.

3.      They will learn responsibility. Just planting a seed will not make it grow. The seeds need water, light and tending. A garden is a big responsibility and getting young children involved will teach them that.

4.       They will learn to eat healthy. Children who work in gardens and grow their own foods are more likely to eat and enjoy fruits and vegetables. This is often because they have had a hand in the preparation and work it takes to grow the food.

5.      They will learn the names of different vegetables. The food won’t just be placed on their plate. They will have a hand in growing onions, celery, carrots and radishes. They will be able to put a name with many foods they may not have known before.

These are just a few of the many benefits of gardening for preschoolers. If you have thought about getting your children or class involved in a garden don’t hesitate! There are many types of gardens from flowers, to vegetables, to fruit and even the newly popular fairy gardens! We will talk more about the different types of gardening and how to get one started with kids next week.


photo credit: aarizona via photopin cc

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