Daddy Daughter Date Ideas

Valentine ’s Day is right around the corner, and many couples are planning their perfect date night. This year when you make plans with your partner, also make plans for a date for your daughter and her dad!

Daddy daughter dates are a great idea because they give your child special one on one time with the man who matters most in her life. Her dad!  Why are daddy daughter dates important?

Children are well aware of the fact that parents are busy. Dads choosing to take the time to take their daughter out, open doors, communicate, are modeling respect at a young age. They are showing their daughter she is valuable, and allowing doors of communication to opened from the beginning.

Focus on the family shared a great article on the importance of daddy daughter dates. Here’s a snippet:

“The research clearly says that daddies make all the difference in the world,” says Kevin Leman, national speaker and author of What a Difference Daddy Makes. “I have tremendously more impact on my daughter than my wife does.”

If your daughter’s father is not in the picture, seek out a grandpa, uncle, or other male role model to step in and take up some of that role.

Once you have made the decision to go on a daddy daughter date you will need to find the perfect spot!

Here are some ideas for dad:

  • Dinner out- Going out to eat is a special occasion for most little girls J. Add in some glass plates, and a fancy (for her) dinner and you have a night to remember!
  • Movies-Popcorn, and laughter make up a great date night and the AMC Theatre 24 is a great place to take your daughter for your date!
  • Bowling- Kids love to bowl, and even young ones can get in on the fun J. Plus, if you are local, Let it Roll in Phoenix offers free bowling for kids!!
  • Go for a walk- Spend some down time with your daughter going out for a walk. Enjoy the scenery and spend time talking with your daughter. The Desert Botanical Gardens may be a great option!
  • Zoo- If the weathers nice, take your daughter to the zoo for some fun and entertainment. The Phoenix Zoo was voted one of the top five zoos in the U.S!

So, make plans now for a special night for the dad and daughter in your life!



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