A Peek Into Our Educational Philosophies

Here at Raising Arizona Preschool we use a wide variety of different types of curriculums. Our main focus of course is to keep learning play based. However, we also use a variety of popular curriculums.  Today we are going to take a look at some of these to give you a better idea of our educational philosophies.


A Montessori Curriculum focuses on letting students learn by doing. A teacher in a Montessori classroom allows their students to be active and curious learners. A classroom with a Montessori classroom will allow students to move around freely. It will be set up to encourage children to go from activity to activity as they please. Teachers tend to guide the students as they go throughout their day experience the joys of learning.



We talked some before on this blog about emergent curriculum, and why we believe it is important. Here is a snippet from that post:

Emergent curriculum can be understood by breaking down and defining the two words. Emergent means coming from the experiences and daily lives of young children. By thinking on the definition it helps teachers remember the natural ability for children to learn and play. Ideas for developing curriculum become obvious when children have the freedom to follow their desires while playing.


A creative curriculum focuses on developmentally appropriate activities. These activities tend to encourage active learning and focuses on promoting children’s progress across all developmental areas. Creative learning utilizes many hands on activities combined with practices that encourage social and emotional development.

Theme based

Theme based learning explores one topic over a variety of different areas including math, science, art, language and more. An example of a theme-based curriculum may be a unit on space. The child may draw planets, read books about space, do a science experiment related to the moon, sing songs about planets, and create a dramatic play area around a space ship.

We try to bring parts of each of these educational philosophies into our preschool. This ensures that your children are receiving a great all around education that is focused on fun, play and learning!

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