Four Great Preschools Around Phoenix

Here at Raising Arizona Preschool we want to make sure your child is getting the BEST care possible. We also know there are other great preschools around Phoenix and want to make sure where your child attends is the best fit for your family.

We have done research and have found four great preschools around Phoenix.

Sunrise Preschool

Sunrise Preschool strives to ensure that YOUR child is engaged and interacting with our teachers and their classmates. They provide developmentally appropriate activities for all children, and offer hands on learning opportunities. Their staff has a goal of making sure parent and child are happy and are available to answer all your questions and concerns.

Elite Preschool

Elite preschool knows how hard it is to leave your child, so they strive to make sure the transition into preschool is a smooth one. Elite Preschool is Christian based and offers top notch academics and kindergarten testing to ensure your child is ready for the next phase of their education.

Great Beginnings Preschool

Great Beginnings Preschool is faith based and has a goal of making sure your children are on the right path. They strive to make sure your child has a strong foundation in life principles and a strong sense of missions and community involvement. They understand the need for a nurturing environment and have a goal of providing one that is also rich in meeting your child’s academic needs.

Raising Arizona Preschool

We consider it our great privilege to teach the children of America.  Children in every sense are our future.  Our preschool in Glendale Arizona is built to inspire and develop future leaders.  We try each and every day to inspire wonder and thought, not through vain repetition, but through curiosity, play, and experimentation.

We believe, learning is not about filling an empty vessel, but about kindling a fire within a young mind.  We believe that children do not care what you know, until they know that you care about them, so each day starts with developing a caring relationship with your child.

  Hopefully you choose Raising Arizona for your preschool needs, but if not these other options may fit your family!


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