Getting Ready for Preschool Checklist

One of the most important stage in a child’s life is going to a preschool. It will help your child develop important social skills as well as get better at following instructions. Before you enroll your child to a preschool, it is crucial to first visit the preschool and establish a good relationship. Remember that you child will spend their day in school. You therefore need to establish good relationship with the school. You also need to ensure that your child has all essential items that he/she needs during her first day in school. Here is a getting ready for school checklist to help prepare your child for their time in preschool.

Getting Ready for Preschool Checklist

  1. A Backpack

You need to buy a backpack for your child so that he/she can store important tool needed at school. The teacher will also use the backpack as a means of communication with you by placing school notices and your child artwork to let know how he/she is progressing.

  1. Water Bottle

Your child will need to drink fresh and clean water to stay hydrated. A reusable spill off water is therefore a crucial component that you must pack for your child.

  1. Lunch Box

Children tend to get hungry quickly because they are always on the move. You therefore need to pack snacks and food so that your kid can fill his/her stomach when hungry. Ensure that you comply with the school food policy.

  1. Extra Clothes and SocksGetting Ready for Preschool Checklist

Kids are playful and daring. When they join preschool, their will most likely get excited when they meet other school mates. His/her clothes can easily get dirty when playing. It is therefore prudent to add extra set of clothes and socks.

  1. Extra Underwear

We believe that your child is potty trained by the time he/she joins preschool. However, kids are just kids and can mess anytime. You therefore need to pack extra underwear just in case of an emergency.

  1. Any Necessary Medication

If you child is under medication or has any allergies, then you need to ensure that all his/her daily medication supplies are packed. You also need to inform the teacher so that the child don’t miss taking the medication on time as required.

  1. Sunscreen

Sun’s rays can affect your child’s skin both in summer and winter conditions. You should therefore need to ensure that your child is always protected from damaging sun rays.

  1. Wipes, Creams and Diapers

Children grow at different pace. If your child is not yet ready for potty training, then you need to ensure that you pack diapers, cream and wipes.

  1. Sleep Time Essentials

Most preschools usually locate time for children to sleep. If that is the case with your child’s preschool, then you need to ensure that you pack all necessary nap essentials as required by the school.


Above is a getting ready for preschool checklist to help make sure your child has everything they need. While items like a backpack and lunch might be habitual when it comes to school, medications and extra clothing can also come in handy for your child.

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