Identifying a Great Preschool

We have discussed before what makes a good daycare, and what makes a good preschool teacher, but how do you identify a great preschool? There are different things to look for when considering preschool for your child, not all daycares have good preschools. Here are some things to help you identify a great preschool!

Focus on Play

A good preschool will have numerous learning activities that engage children in play. Children will not be expected to sit still for long periods of time, and will not be wandering around looking for “something to do”. Children are allowed outside every day and able to explore.

Work is on Display

A good preschool will have the children’s work on display. The artwork will be original, and obviously, child oriented.

Books are Not Limited to Storytime

A good preschool will have books on display throughout the day. Teachers will engage the children in stories in small groups as well as during storytime.

Curriculum is Adaptable

Curriculum is adapted for those who are ahead of the class, and for those who may need some extra help. Teachers will understand that not all children have the same background and that children learn in different ways

Children WANT to go

A good preschool will have children eager to come to school each day. They won’t cry or whine that they are sick or don’t want to go. After the initial transition period, the children will be excited to go to school and learn.

Promote Learning and Development

A good preschool will promote learning in a variety of different ways. A child’s social, emotional, and physical development will be nurtured. Teachers will understand the meaning of developmentally appropriate practice and will encourage children to talk, work, play and learn in a way that is appropriate to their age and abilities.

These are just a few things to consider when looking for a great preschool. We know that you will find all these qualities as well as a good daycare and great teachers at Raising Arizona Preschool!

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