Parents, Make the time to Play!

Parents, we are ALL busy. With work, school, errands, housework and parenting we are lucky to have time to eat dinner right? Most of us ditch the time to play in favor of the to do list.  They don’t need us to play with them right? Wrong!

Make the time to play

Taking the time to play with our children creates a great bond. Kids know we are busy, so when we take the time to stop folding laundry, doing dishes, or checking Facebook, we are showing them that THEY are important. By making time to play with our children, we are investing in our relationship with them.

There are numerous physical, mental, and social development benefits for children whose parents make the time to play with them. Playing with our kids awakens creativity in them. We can open our child’s eyes to new ways to play by sharing things we enjoyed as a child. Parents also show their children how to interact with others by communicating, sharing, and being polite.

Playtime gives you the opportunity to know your child better. Through play, you will learn more about your child’s temperament, their likes, dislikes, and their capabilities. Playtime puts you at the same level as your child. It allows you to see the world from your child’s point of view.

Some important things to keep in mind while playing with your child is to be fully engaged. Put the smart phone away, leave work at work, and allow yourself to let the housework go. Children know when their parents are not fully engaged. If you are tuned out of what is right in front you, your child will know it, and neither one of you will benefit from playtime.

So, parents set aside time each day to fully engage in your children. Remember that playtime is important. No, our children do not need us to structure every minute of their day, or to constantly entertain them. But, they do need us to make time to come down to their level and engage in their lives. The easiest way to do this is by taking the time to do what they know best PLAY!


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