What do you remember from your school years?

At Raising Arizona Preschool, we focus largely on play and hands on interaction. Research has shown that this type of learning works, but you may still wonder about the logistics of it.

So, today we are going to look at our childhoods.

Think back to your preschool years. What do you remember? Do you remember flashcards, or counting bears? Do you remember worksheets and glue sticks? Chances are no. What you may remember is feeling the sand between your toes, play doh, raking and jumping in leaves, or playing with water toys.

Now, think back to your school years. What do you remember? Tests, studying, worksheets? Do these experiences resonate with you? How do they make you feel when you think back to them? Chances are you probably didn’t like “school” much outside of seeing your friends. The experiences were not fun or engaging, but full of books and papers.

Our most memorable experiences do not come from a desk. They usually come from an experience that was fun and engaging. These experiences had an impact on us, they left us with a warm feeling, and they gave us something to remember.

Which of these memories do you want for your children? Experiences that they will remember? Experiences that will leave them feeling good about themselves and excited about learning? That is the type of memories I want for my children, and I would bet that you do too!

Now, despite all of this, our children need to learn. They need to be prepared for school, and prepared for life. Can play based learning prepare our children for school? Yes, it can! We are going to look at some of ways play based learning can teach our children next week, so make sure you come back!

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