Raising Arizona Preschool teacher, Ms.  Marina sat down with us, so we could learn more about her and  her classroom.   Ms. Marina is our Little Einsteins’ teacher, she is currently in process of both her Child Developmental Associates Credential and several certifications in early childhood education topics, including exceptional children.  

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Can you tell us a little bit more about your role, your background, and some of your experience with working with children?

Sure, I am the Little Einsteins, 4-5’s Teacher.  I have 12 years in preschool and childcare. I was a Director for 3 years, for 8 years a Two’s Teacher, and I have been with RAP for 2 years. The current role I have is I am the PreK Social-Emotional classroom Teacher.

What is one aspect of early education and teaching that you implement in your daily activities with the children?

Oh, that would be social-emotional learning.

What are some of the improvements and changes that you have made at RAP?

I think, social-emotional aspects of the curriculum and the learning environment. I, just understand the toll anxiety can have children., I, made improvements in this area of our center.


Having a great support network of team members and families can really make a challenging situation that much easier, what advice would you have a new teacher?

Being Honest.  Speak-up. Say you need help when you need support. Also, I think seeking outside resources to help you grow and improve.  Things like the registry, and other resources to help you.  Really important is ‘play on your own strengths’. Know where your passion is, and talent is and uses that.  If you’re not good at artwork, its OK, what are you good at? Start by using what you are good at, and then go from and grow from there.


What has been the biggest challenge in this new role of Little Einsteins teacher for you?

Just all the different personalities and varied social-emotional skills. Meeting the individual child’s needs while still meeting the needs of the class.  The challenge of preparing them for kindergarten was a huge project for both them and me!


What do you enjoy most about your role as a social-emotional, play-based academics PreK teacher?

Oh, I enjoy watching children grow. I enjoy seeing them blossom, gives me a sense of fulfillment.


Is there anything else you want to share with about RAP or about yourself?

I am enjoying adapting curriculum to social-emotional learning and helping my fellow team of teachers reach their potential.   We have a great teaching team and staff here at RAP.



Wonderful, thank you so much, Ms. Marina, we really appreciated your time!

Thank you!



A big thank you to Ms. Marina from Raising Arizona Preschool, Glendale location.


Would you like to see the Little Einsteins class in action?  Call 623-777-0113 and schedule a tour today.




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