Five Summer Learning Activities

What do you think about when you hear the word Summer? Maybe bon fires, the beach, or playing in a sprinkler? Summer is a great time to get outdoors, and enjoy time with your children. It is also a great time to spend learning! Yes, learning can happen, even in summer.

Here are five summer learning activities that YOU can do with your children!

summer learning activities

  1. Make homemade bubbles! You can use one of these recipes. While making bubbles your kids are learning math skills, like measuring and pouring. After the bubbles are made use items around the house like cans, strings, lids and more to make different size bubbles.
  2. Make Ice Cream! This simple recipe only takes 5 minutes and what kid doesn’t LOVE ice cream?
  3. Have a puppet show! Use old gloves and cut the finger tips off. Let the kids draw on the ends with felt tip markers. Yarn can be used for hair, felt strips can be used to make animal faces. Act out stories or let them make their own!
  4. Outside Sidewalk Chalk! Use sidewalk chalk and allow kids to draw shapes and numbers on the concrete. Have them guess shapes, and attempt different sizes (can you fit in this shape? What about this one?) What shapes can you use to make an airplane? A car? The possibilities are endless and so is the learning!
  5. Alphabet Hopscotch! Use sidewalk chalk, or pieces of paper to make different letters in a hop scotch pattern. Let the child call out the letters as they play the game. If a child can’t jump on one foot, let them jump with both feet and call it “jump scotch”.

For more summer learning activities check out these fun sites:

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