Thankfulness of Children

Do you struggle with a child who has yet to learn appreciation or be grateful? Young children are very egocentric; they still believe the world revolves around them, so they do not understand the concept of gratitude. By learning gratitude, children become sensitive to feelings of others, develop empathy and foster other life skills.

So, how do you teach this skill?

Children model behavior of their parents and other adults in their life;  it starts with you! Make sure to you use manners; say “please” and “thank you”, talk about what you are grateful for, have children help in daily tasks. Write thank you notes and encourage generosity by donating or giving to others.

The month of November is a great time to talk to your children about being thankful. Discuss the things that you are appreciative for and encourage your children to do the same, every day.  Take this opportunity to donate to charity and have your child help. Be sure to show gratitude in daily life and teach your child about “thankfulness”.

Children will not learn thankfulness overnight, it is something that has to be developed over time. Model a sense of gratitude and thankfulness each day and soon you will have a child that is thankful.


At Raising Arizona Preschool, we believe in gratitude and thankfulness. Each day we model thankfulness and encourage children to do to the same.  We value thankfulness and turn teach the children about this essential life skill.

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