What is a CDA Credential?

CDA (Child Development Associate) is a national credential awarded by the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition. This credential requires formal training, experience, observation, exam and is awarded by the Council in Washington D.C.


It is a sign of a highly qualified early childhood educator.  It a arduous process which involves education, building a portfolio, and taking high stakes exam.  Through the process the early educators learn a lot about child development, early education, and their own practices.  The process of being awarded the credential signifies the recipient is up to date with theories, philosophies, and is highly qualified to teach young children.


The Child Developmental Associate Credential is a coveted license by most early educators.  Programs that have CDA staff are quality programs that understand the needs of young children and how they learn and grow.  The credential must renewed every three years with proof of ongoing training in the are of early education.


At Raising Arizona Preschool, we have CDA staff along with staff who are in the process of receiving their credential. Raising Arizona Preschool values high trained and quality staff. We are a high-quality program that invests in our employees, so they can provide a high level of education services.  To learn more about Raising Arizona Preschool please call 623-77-0113.  Your child deserves a high-quality program that will spark the imagination and help them learn and grow.

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