Des Child Care

There are 2 Different Form for Assistance for Child Care

#1 - Des Child Care Assistance

#2 - First Things First Childcare Scholarship

  1.  Arizona Des Child Care Assistance Could Help You!

DES Child Care assists eligible families with child care costs, enabling parents to participate in employment and specific education and training activities relate to employment, or in certain other circumstances when parents are unable to provide care. Families may choose from a variety of child care providers including Department of Health Services (DHS) licensed child care centers, DHS-certified child care group homes, DES-certified small family child care homes, and in some instances, non-certified relatives. Eligibility requirements vary with each program.

Find out if you qualify for assistance:

Let Raising Arizona Preschool Be Your Certified Arizona DES Child Care Provider

DES Child Care certifies and contracts with Department of Health Services (DHS) licensed child care centers. As a DES Child Care provider, Raising Arizona provides exceptional child care to eligible low income families at both Glendale, AZ locations.

We understand how important it is to find the best care for your child. We also realize how necessary it is to find a certified AZ DES Child Care center in your community as a low-income family or single parent household. That’s why Raising Arizona Preschool has chosen to work with the DES Child Care system in an effort to provide optimal day care options for your children.

Signup For $50 DES Copay At Raising Arizona Preschool

Visit either of our Glendale locations to see how Raising Arizona Preschools coordinates with you and DES to serve your family’s needs and provide the finest care and learning experience for your children.


2.  First Things first Scholarships

To Download Scholarship Application Click Here.

These are avalible in house and typically only avaliable after DES support has disqualified you.  Please contact your school for availability.


Raising Arizona Preschool Is a Different Kind Of Environment 

We believe, learning is not about filling an empty vessel, but about kindling a fire within a young mind.  We believe that children do not care what you know, until they know that you care about them, so each day starts with developing a caring relationship with your child.

Your Child Is Our Priority

By providing children with a creative, stimulating environment – we will encourage your child’s imagination while maintaining the high level of care and support you expect.

Engaging Programs For All Ages

Since our enrollment is open to children ages 12 months to 12 years old, we have worked to develop unique programs that will keep children of various ages interested and engaged during their time at our facility. Unlike many day cares who provide generic activities, Raising Arizona Preschool has discovered a whole new way to keep your child active, creative, and entertained. We believe that nothing is more damaging to your child’s education than boredom. Learn more about Raising Arizona Preschool’s curriculum.

All Kids Are Basically Good

Our approach to child care is unique, and we focus more on praising good behavior rather than punishing bad. We understand that children of all ages learn through playing, and we strive to create a safe, enriching environment for them to grow, learn, and play in.

Safety Comes First

They actually want to be here!  In fact most of them LOVE to be here!  We love your children.

Parents can also feel confident knowing that each of our staff members are CPR/First Aid certified with Level 1 FBI Clearance Cards.

and come by of either our certified AZ DES Child Care preschools, meet with our helpful, friendly staff and see for yourself what Raising Arizona Preschool has to offer your child and your family.