Meet The Teachers


Effective teaching is both an art and a science. That’s why Raising Arizona Preschool supports teachers as they create and implement inspiring, developmentally appropriate, and sound curriculum. We’re proud to provide a robust variety of professional development opportunities to our teachers. This, in turn, ensures the highest quality educational experience for your child.

• Our Teachers Love Kids!

They actually want to be here!  In fact most of them LOVE to be here!  We love your children.

• We claim that

All kids are basically good, that a child labeled as “bad” will eventually act “bad”, so we admire & praise the good behavior and ignore the rest…

• We believe that

Kids are Kids, they learn mostly through play and don’t like to feel left out or put down when they don’t understand..

• Brightwheels

Stay in touch with your teacher and strengthen school learning with activities at home.Our teachers will give you full information about your child.



Director of RAP on Olive

Regina is the Director of RAP on Olive. She has been in Early Childcare for over 15 years.  She is a great listener, friendly, fun, and full of heart!


Assistant Director at Olive

She has been in Early Childcare for over 10 Years, she has 2 beautiful girls &  she loves family, and if She says she is going to do something it gets done.

Terrilynn Kramer

Director Bell Location

Terrilynn has been the Director of our Bell location for 7 years.  She is Loyal and Loving and spends her life in the service of the little ones.

Cindy Varner

Assistant Director Bell Location

Cindy has been with Raising Arizona Preschool for 5 years, She is fun and caring and wants nothing but the best for your kids.

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