Mindful Mornings

At Raising Arizona Children as young as 1 year old are taught to be mindful.

Mindfulness is Magical. Let me show you WHY?


Has your teacher ever told you to sit down and focus? I bet they did! But did that same teacher ever show you how to focus?

Even with Einstein teaching you math if you cannot focus on what he is saying you will not get it!

A daily mindful practice can help children and adults learn to Focus! And what you Focus on can make all the difference.


Has your Mother ever told you to calm down? I bet they did! Did your mom ever show you how to calm down?

When you are frustrated the last thing you want to hear is to “calm down” in fact chances are you dont even know how to calm down….

Its been shown that regulating your breath sends a signal to your brain that everything is OK, which can help a frustrated child calm down.

Our Daily breathing exercises with Parents and Children help us all Stay Calm.


Believe in yourself they say…. but how? Why? I feel like I am no good….

Our inner Narrative shapes who we become. This Narrative starts early, thats why we at Raising Arizona help shape your child’s narrative by Daily Mindful Affirmations.

We are helping writing Chapter 1 in the life of your child, daily mindfulness helps frame our personal Stories in a positive light. Leading to an inner self confidence and Self Esteem.


We have created a simple 5 minute mindful morning.When you come to our school your child and you if you choose will be give a chance to Meditate with us for 2/3 minutes using our breathing tools and our Zen Zoo Mindfulness program, then you can write on our gratitude board what you are grateful for that day, you can tell your child 2 or 3 things that you love about them that day. If you cannot do this with your child we will do it with them at Circle time and throughout the day Mindful exercises are sprinkled in at opportune moments.

Our Mindful Morning Consists Of:

1.  A Breathing Exercise
2.  Writing or Drawing what your Grateful for
3.  Personal Affirmations, “I am Amazing”

Easy Peasy,

This simple daily habit will help write an amazing Chapter 1 in the life of your little one, and if you join us, it might even reshape your Narrative as well.