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The purpose of this assignment, very broadly defined, is to use your unique perspective as American students of Hebrew literature, including your own personal trajectory leading to this course and in this course, in order to produce new knowledge on the study of Hebrew literature (and possibly Israel-Palestine in more general terms) in America.

We use the blog post genre because of its versatility and openness to experimentation. We are all exploring this form of writing so I encourage you to be creative and daring while working on this piece. I think that blog posts tend to be effective when they are charged with an acute and usually uncomfortable emotion that drives the writing. In a way, I think you have to find some anger, pain, frustration or even confusion as a point of departure for writing this. However, unlike in personal journal writing, for example, the writer of the blog post does have a point (usually a poignant one) that he or she wants the reader to engage with. E.g. Kashua writes about his exhausting and frustrating experience visiting an American university, but his text provoke us to think about his crisis of identity as a Palestinian citizen of Israel.

Below are some examples of other blog post that could be used as models to begin with:
These are two blog posts that I like by Mia McKenzie. One is more of a personal narrative and the other is written in the form of a list (a sub-genre of the blog-post that has become popular lately). I think these exemplify what I referred to as the emotional drive of the blog post.

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