Hands on exercises accelerate learning

Do you remember how it felt to take your first airplane ride? Have you ever visited a foreign country and spent time learning about its culture and customs? Have you ever visited a grocery store in another state and noticed that they sell different brands and products? Travel has the potential to provide people with unique memories and experiences that last a lifetime. For children, travel also provides tremendous opportunities to expand their horizons, learn new things, and better understand the world. While it’s fun to take your kids to visit an amusement park, don’t forget to include other experiences in your travels with your child.

Among the benefits of travel for children is that it broadens their outlook of the world. Travel helps children understand how people in different places live, whether in another country or another city in their own state. Visiting a different playground, grocery store, or school allows children to see how people around the world are different from themselves, but also allows them to see the similarities among all people.

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